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Metro: Last Light's Developer Pack DLC due next week

Enter the Spider's Nest.

Deep Silver and 4A Games' gritty, post-apocalyptic Russian shooter Metro: Last Light will be getting its third piece of DLC, the Developer Pack, on 17th September on Steam and Xbox Live. The PSN version will also be out the 17th in North America, but not until the following day in Europe.

It will be included in the season pass, or £3.19 / €3.99 / $3.99 ala carte.

The Developer Pack adds a new mission entitled The Spiders Nest, which will allow you to tackle a gaggle of arachnids with a flamethrower, Aliens-style.

Additionally, the Developer Pack includes: a Shooting Range, allowing players to practice with every weapon; an AI Arena where players can customise their own scenarios to either play through or simply watch AI battles run their course; and the Metro Museum, a compendium of info on the game's cast of humans and mutants.

There will be one final piece of DLC still to come with the Chronicles Pack, which will add three new missions putting players in the combat boots of supporting characters Pavel, Anna, Khan and Ulman.

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