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Metal Gear Solid 5's cardboard box gets some peculiar new features

It's my Snake in a box.

Since the Metal Gear series' genesis in 1987 protagonist Solid Snake has frequently avoided detection by cleverly utilising the simplest of tools: the cardboard box. But there was one problem: this left him vulnerable to detection if anyone so much as suspected that they saw the box move, even a little. But now, in 2014 (or 1984 when the game is set), this curious piece of Snake's equipment just got a whole lot more crafty.

Now, Snake can pop out of the lid and shoot an enemy, like a Jack-in-the-box crossed with Jack Bauer. (A Jack-Bauer-in-the-box, perhaps?) This is useful for eliminating foes, then ducking back into your hidey hole while the guards are none the wiser.

Additionally, you can wear the box vertically, so you're able to walk around with it covering your upper three quarters. This might look weird, so Snake adorns such rubbish disguises with flat images of guards saluting. At a distance foes won't think much of it. If they do get suspicious at this brilliant decoy, Snake can punch his arms through the front of the box to knock out guards with CQC moves or firearms.

More problematically, Snake can also lure guards to him by attaching a picture of a female swimsuit model to his cover. Then, when the enemy is ogling the wankbait, Snake can crawl out the other side leaving the foe none the wiser.

It's a pretty dated portrayal of women, to be honest, but it's worth noting that distracting guards with magazines of scantily clad females has long been a series staple for Metal Gear, so this is hardly anything new.

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