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Metal Gear Solid 5 update adds playable Ocelot to FOB missions

Plus swimsuits.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain may be nearly two years old at this point, but Konami is still supporting Hideo Kojima's essential swan song to his storied series by adding a new playable character to its FOB (Forward Operating Base) missions: Revolver Ocelot.

Due in a patch on 1st August, Ocelot, true to his nickname, can draw and reload his weapon faster than other characters. He can also dual-wield a couple of Tornado-6 revolvers that ricochet bullets onto marked foes. It's a cool party trick.

While Ocelot's clothing options cannot be altered, he does have a slightly increased camouflage value.

Other additions in this patch include swimsuits for FOB staff. There's the Goblin Suit and Megalodon Suit, both of which increase movement speed, but remove any camouflage effect. These skimpy suits can be worn by the player when they're either infiltrating or defending a base, though they can't be worn by Snake or the player's custom-created avatar.

MGS5: Swimsuit Edition.

Finally, patch adds a higher grade Wormhole Generator, which will automatically extract the person who placed it when they're killed or stunned.