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Metal Gear Solid 5 - Voices: Shabani location, Man on Fire boss fight

How to track down Shabani in the Ngumba Industrial Zone, then escape the Man on Fire in Phantom Pain's Voices mission.

Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 5 - Voices, the 20th main story mission of the game, following on from On The Trail.

Voices Mission checklist:

  • Extracted Shabani
  • Successfully hit the floating boy with an attack
  • Fought off the Man on Fire
  • Pinpointed route to Ngumba Industrial Zone, West Guard Post from an Intel file
  • Extracted an African wild dog near Ngumba Industrial Zone
  • Listened to the conversation about the “bodies at Munoko ya Nioka Station”
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When you're ready for more action, select 20-Voices from your mission list. There's only one Landing Zone this time (to the north-west of Munoko ya Nioka Station) so choose it and enter the Sortie Prep screen. Pick D-Horse as your buddy, set the Drop Time to 0600 then start the mission.

Your next objective is to locate and rescue Shabani - the leader of the boys you liberated from the mines earlier in the game. Intel suggests that he's being held at the Ngumba Industrial Zone - also known as the Devil's House by locals. So, not ominous at all.

Voices: Reach Ngumba Industrial Zone, then find a way to cross the valley

Once you touch down, mount your horse and open your iDroid. You'll see that the Ngumba Industrial Zone (your final destination) lies a considerable distance away to the north-east. To reach it, we'll work along the north-west-facing side of the mountains that run through the centre of the mission zone and cut across the small pass that bisects their midpoint.

Once you've located the mountain pass (it runs from the north-west to the south-east) flag it with waypoint marker, then ride toward it. When you reach your destination, move south-east along the pass and stop as you near the guard post ahead. Hug the rock wall to the left and carefully move alongside the main road as it travels north-east.

A little further ahead, the road will disappear into the mud. Continue moving north-east, following the valley along. Shortly, you'll spot a small guard post located between the rocks ahead. Dismount D-Horse then deal with the hostiles in the area. When the soldiers have been eliminated, make your way along the dirt track directly beyond the guard post. Stop at the high fence, unlock the gate and make your way through to the other side.

Now on-foot, run along the ravine until you reach the broken bridge. You'll need to navigate the valley below in order to proceed, so carefully make your way down the steep incline to the right. Once you reach the water, begin journeying south-east along the increasingly misty valley.

Before long, you'll reach another enemy outpost. Stop alongside the yellow crates to the left, drop to a crouch and do a quick scan of the area with your binoculars. Note that wild dogs roam nearby, so stay vigilant and counter their attacks.

When you're ready to continue, move against the rocky wall to the right and begin following it along. From this position, you'll effortlessly be able to deal with the enemies on left-hand river bank. Once all hostiles are down, continue north-east though the water.

As you near the huge waterfall ahead, locate the incline on the left-hand bank. Climb the slope and keep close to the rocks on your right. The path you need to follow is tricky to spot, so it's easiest to work your way alongside the rock wall as it winds north and then north-east.

As you climb the hill, you'll stumble upon another small outpost. Carefully deal with the hostiles patrolling the area, then clamber up the rock ledge immediately behind the green tent. Continue north-east, keeping close to the rocks on the right, and you'll soon reach a large cave mouth. Head inside and follow the tunnel along to the south-east.

Investigate Ngumba Industrial Zone and locate Shabani

You'll emerge slap bang in the middle of the objective area, so immediately drop to a crouch and make your way toward the large hanger up ahead on the right. Slip through the open gate and wind around the machinery until you reach the opposite side of the building.

Once you're back in the open, head up the hill toward the huge water tower. Approach the tower and locate the large, squat grey building directly behind it. Slip over to the building's west-facing wall then start moving around it in a clockwise direction.

When you reach the small blue door to your right, head into the building and take a right. Next, walk along the corridor, splashing through the gore on the ground. Head left at the end of the passage and make your way through the door into the strange operating room. Inside, follow the blood trail straight ahead and slip through the curtain.

Once the cutscene is over, follow the blood trail east through the next curtain and creep along to the far side of the room. At the end, take a left and approach the body on the table.

When the cutscene concludes, your immediate and very urgent task is to escape the burning giant as quickly as possible. Immediately about-face and retrace your steps through the building, following the blood trail until you're back outside.

To end the mission, you'll need to reach the chopper on the other side of the tunnel ahead. Run down the hill toward the tunnel and, as you near the fence, take a left and leap through the open window into the hanger. Immediately make a right and continue sprinting forward until you reach the open gate you used earlier. Head on through the gate and approach the tunnel entrance.

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Man on Fire boss fight

As you near, a huge explosion will cause the tunnel to collapse, meaning that you'll need to find an alternative escape route. Immediately open your iDroid and call in a chopper, setting the Landing Zone to the south of the mission area, just behind the large water tower. Next, about-face and make your way back inside the hanger.

Once you're through the gate, immediately look to the left and locate the blue water canister. Pull out a bullet-based weapon and wait for the fiery giant to spot you. When he does, he'll teleport near to your position and begin walking toward you. Lure him over to the canister and then, once he's close, shoot it - the resulting water blast will temporarily debilitate him.

Next, head south to the far end of the hanger and locate the second water canister near the western-most wall. Repeat the same process as before, shooting the canister when your opponent is close by. The chopper should be stationed at the Landing Zone now so, while the creature is down, leg it over and hop onboard to end the mission.

Note that there's one other canister in the hanger if you mess up and need to try again. You can also douse the giant with water from the tower if you can goad him into striking it with a fireball.

Completing the mission will earn you the Factory of the Dead cassette tape. After the debriefing, you'll automatically head back to Mother Base - watch the cutscene unfold then summon a chopper and return to the air, ready for your next adventure.

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