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Metal Gear Online will add playable Quiet in March

UPDATE: Release date and Survival mode detailed.

UPDATE 1/03/2015 10.05am: Metal Gear Online's Silence DLC will arrive for purchase on 15th March, Konami has confirmed.

The pack contains three maps and extra character, Quiet - as detailed below.

Metal Gear Online will then get its Survival mode on 7th April. Anyone with the Silence DLC will get unlimited access to the mode - otherwise, you are limited to 10 free tries per week.

UPDATE 16/02/2015 5.20pm: The new Metal Gear Online Cloaked in Silence DLC - adding Quiet as a playable character and three new maps - will cost $4 (about £3) Konami has announced.

The Appeal Packs, which add new gestures, will go for $2 (about £1.50) per pack.

Furthermore, a new mode called Sabotage will be added to the game's March update for free. Here's Konami's description of the new mode:

"Attackers must destroy or fulton an enemy missile before the round expires; but to access the missile, attackers must first hack into the Terminals to deactivate the Electromagnetic (EM) Barrier that is protecting it. Once the Terminals are hacked and the EM Barrier is deactivated, defenders can choose to reactivate the Barrier or protect the Missile."

Other update changes will include reworking how spawn points work, so that in Bounty Hunter mode fallen players will only resurface in their HQ. However, in Comm Control, there will be a few alternate spawn points unrelated to Comm Link stations. This way if one team has control of all the stations, they won't be able to simply camp and pick off respawning enemies at the opposing team's HQ.

ORIGINAL STORY 02/02/2015 1.10am: Metal Gear Online will add sniper Quiet as a playable character in March as part of a batch of paid DLC, Konami announced today during a Twitch stream.

Community manager Robert Peeler called Quiet "quite OP" like Snake and Ocelot. She can run faster than any other character, cloak herself, and jump up ladders. That being said, her weakness is that she cannot communicate with her teammates and can only hum. Peeler noted that she's a Scout character class, meaning that each class has one over-powered "unique" character associated with it.

The DLC add-on will also include three new maps: Azure Mountain, Rust Palace and Cradle of Spirits. Each is based on a base from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain pictured below.

No price has been announced for any of the upcoming DLC.

Outside of the DLC a free update will add more than 15 new musical tracks including tunes from Boktai and Zone of the Enders. It will also rebalance certain equipment like adding the combat knife as a secondary weapon and reducing the blast radius of rocket launchers.

Finally, Metal Gear Online will add a Survival Mode as well as a new mystery mode in March.