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Meta announces new account system to replace Facebook log-ins

Alongside plans for fresh social profile.

Facebook's parent company has detailed its new Meta account system, which will be offered as an alternative way of logging in to Meta VR devices.

Previously-announced plans to make Facebook logins a requirement for Meta VR headsets had been hugely unpopular and plagued with problems.

Now, we know roughly when and how an alternative plan will be put into practice: in August, and via the launch of a fresh, pared-back account system with a separate social profile named Meta Horizon.

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"When we announced that we would start requiring people to log into Meta Quest using a Facebook account, we received a lot of feedback from the Quest community," a new blog post from Meta explains, understating the obvious.

"We took that feedback into account as we designed a new Meta account structure that gives people flexibility and control."

So, beginining in August, users will be required to set up their Meta account (unless they log in via an Oculus account not merged with Facebook, in which case, you have until 1st January 2023 until things change).

Meta accounts will save your name, email address, phone number, payment information and date of birth, though none of this information will be public.

Next is your Meta Horizon profile, which replaces the Oculus profile. This is a VR-specific social account where you an choose a username, profile photo and avatar. Beginning in August, Friends is also changing to a Follower structure, as on Twitter.

Finally, your Meta Horizon profile can be set to private, so only people you follow can see you, or made open and linked to your existing Facebook and/or Instagram accounts if you so choose.

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