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Master Chief's voice in Halo: Reach

More chatty than he was in Halo trilogy.

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The Halo series' iconic faceless hero Master Chief is in Halo: Reach, Bungie has revealed.

He turns up in the form of an unlockable voice, which can be applied to your Spartan in co-op multiplayer mode Firefight.

Other unlockable voices include Buck from ODST, 'sir yes sir' army man Sergeant Johnson and sultry artificial intelligence Cortana.

Bungie's recorded new dialogue for the game, so much of it, in fact, that Bungie reckons "you'll hear Chief talk more in Reach's Firefight than you ever did in the Halo trilogy".

"He was a man of few words," Bungie's Brian Jarrard told Eurogamer at German expo gamescom this week.

"It's our throwback to fans, and technically they can say, 'Yes, Master Chief is in Reach after all.'"

Halo: Reach features an Armoury, from which players can buy items to customise their character.

Players rank up through a credit system. More customisation options become available as the player progresses through the ranks, and additional items unlock based on the purchases players make.

Halo: Reach will be released on 14th September.

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