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Mass Effect Andromeda has a trophy/achievement for romancing three people

Bang on.

There's some space stuff in Mass Effect games, but let's be clear: real fans know it's all about one thing.

Yep, that.

In previous games, BioWare included a trophy/achievement for, ahem, "completing a romance". In Mass Effect Andromeda, the developer has kicked things up a gear.

Andromeda's trophy/achievement list has now leaked (thanks, Exophase) and it contains an award for not one but three romances. Ryder, you horndog.

To be fair, "Matchmaker" does not state you need to cosy up with three characters in one playthrough (or at the same time). All of your playthroughs count.

But BioWare has previously hinted at relationships in Andromeda being more natural - some people want long-term things, some people want flings. And this may be a sign you don't need to be faithful... if that's what you're into.

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The rest of the achievement/trophy list is a mix of combat awards and the usual things for story-based progression and completing character loyalty missions. Click the above link to see the rest of the list - but do so at your own peril if you are super sensitive to spoilers.

There is one multiplayer-only award, but this is simply for playing the multiplayer tutorial.

In other Mass Effect Andromeda romance news, we recently reported on Jaal, the new Andromeda alien who fans really want to have sex with.

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