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Mass Effect Andromeda fans excited by new hint at quarian DLC

"...trying to boost the signal."

Mass Effect fans were left excited by a fresh tease that Andromeda's missing quarian race is still coming to the game.

Quarians do not appear in Andromeda, but it is established during the game's opening hours that the race is expected in the future (via a delayed ark, the Keelah Si'yah, which will also host the elcor, hanar, drell, and volus).

The appearance of this ark is hinted at repeatedly. (We won't spoil anything from later in the game here, but our Mass Effect Andromeda ending analysis has much more on this topic.)

And now, via the latest multiplayer APEX briefing, we've got another big hint.

For those not following Andromeda's semi-regular multiplayer events, these missions include small lumps of new story following investigations into the kett and Remnant enemies.

The latest mission involves a Remnant observatory, which has collected transmission data from what sounds like the quarian ark:

But there's no knowing yet whether this tease will materialise into something more - quarian ark single-player DLC, as fans hope, or playable quarians in the game's multiplayer mode, or just a loose thread left hanging.

The timing is also interesting - coming after the recent news of the franchise being put "on ice". BioWare has pledged it will continue patching Andromeda's campaign and providing support for the game's multiplayer - but has stayed ominously silent on the matter of single-player additions.

Previous Mass Effect and Dragon Age games have all received around three lumps of extra story content - but the news of Mass Effect's future seemed sadly final.

Was this hint planned before the series was placed on hold? Or has the game's quarian plotline been relegated to its multiplayer mode? Right now, fans simply have no way of knowing.

We've asked publisher EA for clarification on whether Mass Effect Andromeda single-player DLC is still on the way.

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This weekend's multiplayer mission also adds a new map and items.

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