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Mario Kart details 'speculation'

Official mag holds up hands.

Official Nintendo Magazine has held up its hands and apologised for getting a bit over-excited about potential features in the Wii version of Mario Kart.

Issue 21 of the mag says the game will let you take part in 16-player online battles, pull-off mid-air stunts and race on all of the DS tracks in revamped form.

However, according to a statement issued to Eurogamer, it turns out this is all "merely excitable speculation" based on the Mario Kart trailer shown at this year's E3.

"The details printed in Official Nintendo Magazine 21 regarding Mario Kart Wii were healthy speculation on our part and are in no way an official announcement from Nintendo," the statement reads."We are sorry if we have misled anyone."

Mario Kart Wii is currently scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2008.