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Maquette trophy list and Platinum difficulty explained: How to earn all the main and hidden trophies explained

Every trophy you can earn in Maquette.

Maquette has a total of 23 trophies you can throughout the game.

Some of these trophies are earned by simply playing the game till its conclusion, while others involve completing specific activities or by completing the various chapters within a time limit.

We've listed all the trophies below, including how to earn the hidden trophies, so you can figure out which ones you're missing. If you're having trouble with some of the game's puzzles, don't forget to check out our Maquette walkthrough.

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Maquette trophy list

Aside from the hidden trophies, there are 16 trophies for you to earn throughout Maquette.

These achievements are unlocked by both completing the levels for the first time and by completing each level within a specific time limit. You need to earn each of these trophies to receive the ultimate goal of the Platinum trophy.

Below you can find every non-secret trophy you can collect in Maquette:

TrophyHow to unlock itGrade
All Done!Unlock all the trophiesPlatinum
The GardensCompleted The GardensSilver
The MaquetteCompleted The MaquetteSilver
The Gateways Completed The GatewaysSilver
The WedgeCompleted The WedgeSilver
The EscapeCompleted The EscapeSilver
The SpiralCompleted The SpiralSilver
The ExchangeCompleted The ExchangeSilver
The ConclusionCompleted Maquette Gold
TL;DR Gardens Completed The Gardens under 3 minutes Silver
Ealier DatesCompleted The Maquette under 4 minutes and 10 secondsSilver
Triumphant DaysCompleted The Gateways under 4 minutes and 35 secondsSilver
Getting It Over WithCompleted The Wedge under 9 minutes and 50 secondsSilver
Stressing EscapeCompleted The Escape under 4 minutes and 20 secondsSilver
Riding the SpiralCompleted The Spiral under 6 mintues and 40 secondsSilver
Boosting the Pillars Completed The Exchange under 5 minutes and 25 secondsSilver

Hidden trophies for Maquette

There are 7 hidden trophies for you to find in Maquette.

These trophies are earned by completing specific activities in certain levels and by finding certain hidden items in some levels.

Here are all the hidden trophies you can find in Maquette:

TrophyHow to unlock itGrade
BreakoutUpscale the key in The Maquette so you can climb over the wall to reach the outside areaGold
Crew CreaturesDiscovered Max, Sandy, Sputnik, Balto, Kitsume, Eggbert, Ms. Mayor, Momo, Rara, Dotsie, Pixel, Daisy, Hundini, Muzik, Luna, Prince, Quincy, Trouble, Jazz, Indie, Bill, Cleo, Khaini and PabloGold
Into the DarknessJump into the void in The SpiralGold
Open SesameOpened the first of many doorsBronze
Precise PlacementRotated an item for a better fitBronze
Run, Move, Run!Entered the Arch Tower in The Exchange on your first tryGold
Size ManipulatorChanged the size of an object to solve a puzzleGold

How easy is it to obtain the platinum trophy in Maquette?

How long it takes you to earn the Platinum trophy for Maquette all depends on how difficult you find the game, because eight of the trophies are time trial related - one for each individual chapter and one for a specific activity in the final chapter.

Since Maquette doesn't have a chapter select mechanic, we recommend completing Maquette first before attempting any of these time trial trophies, as you may naturally earn a couple in your playthrough. Visit our Maquette walkthrough for instructions on how to complete every puzzle in the game.

You can save replay time by creating individual save files at the start of each chapter or simply do a speed run through the game. This will allow you to attempt each time trial whenever you like and have a save point you can return to if you go over the time limit.

You can even use a stopwatch app on your phone to ensure you're within the time limit!

The Crew Creatures trophy might also take a while, since it involves hunting down specific objects within the game. The best way to complete it is to carefully explore every chapter and keep a list of every pet you see.

Good luck earning the platinum trophy in Maquette!