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Majesco unveils Blokus PSP

With Steambot characters.

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Majesco Europe has whipped the wrappers of Blokus Portable: Steambot Championship for PSP.

Some of you might recognise the name, because Blokus is a celebrated board game where the idea is to place all of your Tetris-shape blocks in a playing area before space runs out. Do it and win, otherwise the remaining blocks and mini-squares they are made up of will be counted and used against you. Oh, and you do it while three other people try to do the same thing.

This version, developed by Irem, lets you unlock 18 characters from the Steambot Chronicles series of games as you go. It also gives you the option of playing with one or three others by disc sharing, or against up-to 15 others in a local wireless romp.

But the best bit - you'll like this - is that you can use "dollarinos" to customise name, appearance and gender. Wait. Half a hairy lip, please.

Blokus Portable also lets you send all your personal info in a business card-style way to anyone you play in wireless mode.

Potentially addictive puzzle game if its physical counterpart has any say, and will be available in Europe sometime in Q2 2008.

Pop over to our Blokus: Steambot Championship gallery to get a load of the first shots.

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