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Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint free for Christmas

Major new update out early next year.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Excellent sports puzzle iOS game Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint is free for Christmas, The Pickford Brothers have announced.

It's a present from the veteran UK game designers to you, the gamers. There's a picture of the pair all happy and smiling, below.

"We hope that Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint will the first game installed on Christmas morning by those people lucky enough to unwrap a shiny new iPad or iPhone," said co-designer John Pickford, "and if it is, there's a danger it will be the only game they install that day, as they become instantly addicted".

An update to the game launches early next year. It adds Replay and Undo, 40 new tables and two Prototypes that show off early versions of a new Arcade mode, Squish, and a new game concept, I Sent my Monkey to the Moon.

All the new content is free of charge to Skeleton Key owners, co-designer Ste Pickford said. "In fact, we're adding so much new content - all of which Skeleton Key owners get for free - that we're going to have to increase the price of the Skeleton Key when version 2.0 launches, so anyone considering purchasing the Skeleton Key should grab it now while it's still at a low price."

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