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LucasArts details new Indy game

Has co-op with secret character.

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LucasArts has lifted the lid on Wii, DS, PS2 and PSP game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, which was partially revealed yesterday.

Sadly we're still without a date, but there are some rather rough screenshots to be had, plus word of campaign co-op featuring a familiar character who has never been playable before.

Staff of Kings is set in 1939 as World War II breaks out across Europe, and locations vary from Chinatown in San Francisco to the dense jungles of Panama. The prize - as the title suggests - is a powerful relic: the Staff of Moses. And Indy will have to move fast to beat nemesis Magnus Voller to the punch.

Punching, incidentally, will be handled on Wii by gesture combat. Matching on-screen gestures will also be Indy's ticket to escaping crumbling ruins or overwhelming odds - not to mention the Wiimote-flicking control of the whip.

Staff of Kings won't just be combat, though, but feature plenty of puzzles and "Hot Set" environments that can be pushed and pulled and manipulated to outwit enemies or de-trigger ancient traps.

There are "burst sequences", too: periods of intense action where, for instance, the Wiimote is used as a gun to shoot on-screen targets.

Multiplayer also features, and will let up to four people fight each other in biplane or tank free-for-alls. Presumably there are more normal brawls available as well.

Incidentally, vehicles will be available throughout the campaign; there are ridable elephants and rafts as well as aforementioned tanks and biplanes.

And that's the Wii version. The DS game replaces gesture controls with stylus input, while the PSP and PS2 offerings provide an array of combat, chases and physics puzzles to keep people entertained.

Head over to our Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings gallery for the first screenshots. Alternatively, pop your into Eurogamer TV for the trailer.

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