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LOTRO: Moria pre-orders open

Codemasters lifts lid on Euro offering.

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Codemasters has opened the bidding on pre-orders for the first Lord of the Rings Online expansion, Mines of Moria, in Europe - and announced limited pre-order incentives available to early birds.

European pre-orderers will be offered The Cloak of Sunset, "a unique cloak emblazoned with an image of the Hollin Gate", an exclusive in-game title, "Moria Expeditionary", and one exclusive token allowing them to choose from a list of eight unqiue in-game items. Codemasters warns that this offer may vary between retailers, however.

Codemasters is also offering the option to buy Mines of Moria with a lifetime subscription at the cost of GBP 119.99 / EUR 149.99.

You can buy the standalone expansion pack for GBP 19.99 / EUR 29.99, the special edition for GBP 49.99 / EUR 69.99, or a compilation pack featuring both the original game and the expansion for GBP 29.99 / EUR 39.99. All are available from the official pre-order site.

The special edition features the expansion, the original game, 60 days of game time, a brooch, a soundtrack CD, a map, a choice of three in-game items and some buddy keys.

Mines of Moria adds the famous underground world to the game, as well as ten new levels, two new classes, and an system for levelling up and customising your weapons. Eurogamer MMO visited Turbine recently to see it and came away impressed: check out our exhaustive hands-on impressions.

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