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Lost Odyssey date set in stone

Silly hair at end of February.

Lost Odyssey will be out in Europe on 29th February, although Microsoft hasn't jumped up and down about it in its usual public manner.

The date has been known about for a while now, but because we give presents to friends and help old people across roads we thought that you might like to know. Concrete. Set in stone. That sort of thing.

Lost Odyssey is the next enormous role-playing project from Japanese developer Mistwalker, lead by Final Fantasy mastermind Hironobu Sakaguchi.

This, along with Blue Dragon (also developed by Mistwalker), is part of The Big Microsoft Idea to break into the Japanese market. It doesn't seem to have helped a great deal.

Lost Odyssey also scored well in Japanese magazine Famitsu upon release last November, totalling 34/40 in the 360 publication and 36/40 in the full edition - just one point shy of Blue Dragon.

But then we gave Blue Dragon 6/10 because it was lengthy, monotonous, childish and repetitive. Stuck in the past, if you like. Still, it spurred me to play it for 55 hours and only get 120 Gamerpoints for it. I am the real winner.

It also prompted Sakaguchi (or MS prompted Sakaguchi) do alter some bits and pieces this time around, like focusing on better voice acting for the west and appealing to a more mature audience.

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