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Looks like Pokémon Go just fixed clockblocking, one of its most frustrating bugs

It's about time.

For more than a year, Pokémon Go's invite-only EX Raids have suffered from an annoying bug dubbed "clockblocking" by the game's community.

The term clockblocking refers to the game's weekly release of highly sought-after invitations being cancelled if the gym in question is hosting a regular level raid when invites are sent out.

Regigigas, the current EX Raid boss.

Now, fans on Pokémon Go subreddit The Silph Road have reported evidence the bug has finally been squashed. Last night, the latest wave of EX Raid invitations went out - including to locations where raids were ongoing.

It's a big deal for Pokémon Go's many communities, which often work hard to try and trigger the release of EX Raid invitations at nearby gyms. Invitations will only be sent out at specific gyms after a certain number of players raid there over a particular timeframe.

Too often, communities have worked together to trigger EX Raid invites locally only to see a raid get in their way at the wrong time and dash their hopes. Hence the term clockblocking.

EX Raids currently host the legendary Pokémon Regigigas. The only other way to obtain this creature was to pay up for the game's £8 A Colossal Discovery global in-game event last year.

In other Pokémon Go news, developer Niantic has urged caution after fans began booking travel and accommodation to this summer's still-unannounced Go Fest event in Europe.

An article published in German newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten (also posted to The Silph Road) listed the weekend of 7th to 10th August for Pokémon Go's return to Dortmund, Germany.

"Niantic has not yet confirmed the locations and dates for upcoming real world events in 2020," a spokesperson for Pokémon Go's developer told Eurogamer today. "We encourage players to follow Niantic's official channels for news and updates on events prior to making any travel plans."

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