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Looks like footage of Minecraft's world editor mode has leaked

Something to build on.

Footage which appears to show an unannounced world editor mode for Minecraft has appeared online.

Editor mode is a rumoured but still officially unconfirmed mode expected by fans to arrive in Minecraft Bedrock - Microsoft's mainline version of Minecraft it offers for PC and consoles.

Footage posted to Twitter today shows a straightforward interface used to quickly edit Minecraft worlds on the fly by creating large structures, as well as edit individual blocks.

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The tool is thought to be for Minecraft creators looking to more easily create custom worlds and experiences to share with others.

Mods exist in Minecraft's original Java version to do similar, letting you quickly alter terrain - but not in Bedrock.

Many custom Minecraft experiences sold via Bedrock's in-game store are made in Java, where large-scale worlds can be edited more easily, before being ported over to Bedrock to sell.

A world editor for Minecraft Bedrock has been something of an open secret for those keeping an eye on the game's code, with cod snippets referencing the mode spotted in the past.

We've contacted Microsoft today for more.

In the meantime, Minecraft fans have the upcoming strategy spin-off Minecraft Legends to look forward to. It's set to launch for PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox on 18th April.