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London Transport Museum shows off WW2 VR game, Secret Shelter Challenge

Time travel deep underground.

London Transport Museum has unveiled an educational VR game set during the events of World War 2 called Secret Shelter Challenge.

This game, which has been developed in partnership with Musemio, is an educational experience for those aged between 8 and 11 and is centred "around Clapham South deep-level shelter as it was in 1944".

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"Players can travel through time, reliving accounts from families staying in the shelter during the Second World War and discovering their secrets.

"You'll follow the story of one young inhabitant, 10-year-old Margaret, and with Margaret's help, each player will need to complete a variety of quizzes, riddles and scavenger hunts in order to recover the secret passcode to keep the time machine portal open".

Margaret is based on real children who lived in the deep-level shelters during the Second World War. In the game, children will learn how Margaret's family had to move into the shelter after their home was destroyed a bomb. Margaret is "very smart, and maintains a mischievous smile and a positive attitude despite the challenging wartime circumstances".

Along with Margret, children will also meet Queen Mouse, a jam sandwich loving companion, and Mio, "Musemio's friendly robot mascot".

Last, but surely not least, children will also meet Grumpy Teddy during their time-travelling escapades. Despite his name, Grumpy Teddy is "very kind and always willing to help. Especially in exchange for jam sandwiches".

At this moment in time, Clapham South deep-level shelter is not accessible for children. As such this game is currently the "only way possible for children to get a glimpse of what life in the deep-level shelter must have felt like".

Those who wish to give the game ago need to download the free Musemio app from either Google Play or the App Store. Secret Shelter Challenge is available within this app, and costs £2.99 to download. Maybe something to entertain the kids this weekend if you're stuck inside?

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