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Liverpool's big Pokémon Go event will introduce the game's first city-wide ticket

UPDATE: Included raids now detailed.

UPDATE 14/2/20: Pokémon Go developer Niantic has now detailed what you'll get raid-wise within the Safari Zone's City Explorer Pass, following Eurogamer's request for more information.

The 10 raids will be included in the price of the Pass - which helps justify its £8 cost. Every raid will be fixed for the weekend and offer one of: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lanturn (evolution of Liverpool's featured Pokémon Chinchou), the current Legendary Pokémon at the time of the event, the current EX Raid Pokémon, and four others yet to be announced of varying raid difficulties.

ORIGINAL STORY 12/2/20: Last month, Pokémon Go announced its first-ever UK Safari Zone event - to be held in Liverpool over a weekend in April.

Now, developer Niantic has detailed a further ticket option - an all-new City Explorer Pass which will expand the event's gameplay across the full weekend: 6am Friday 17th until 10pm Sunday 19th April.

This £8 bolt-on is designed for attendees looking to spend the entire weekend playing - rather than just their allotted day in the city's Sefton Park.

So, what do you get? Well, the City Explorer Pass will unlock a range of bonuses when playing throughout Liverpool across the full weekend - exclusive tasks from PokéStops, half egg hatch distance, longer Incense duration and four hour lures for all players, not just those with the pass.

The key bonus, though, will be 10 City Explorer Raids which will last across the weekend at key "iconic" locations for you to complete at your leisure. (Exactly which Pokémon these will feature and whether you'll still need a raid pass are questions we've asked Niantic for detail on.)

Niantic describes the pass' rollout for Liverpool as a "test" - but having travelled to various Pokémon Go events in the past, it feels like an idea which will appeal to many of those going. After all, if you're travelling some distance to get there, you'll likely stay a couple of days.

Regular tickets and the City Explorer Pass bolt-on will go on sale via the game itself this Friday, 14th February at 8am UK time - first come, first served.