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Listen to the latest One Life Left

With a special guest co-host. Wink.

Having invaded One Life Left - Europe's premier radio show about videogames broadcast in London on Resonance FM - last week to talk about the Eurogamer Expo, this week we went further. Much further.

That's because, firstly, Ellie only had to travel from the Forest Hill Bureau when she was a guest last week, whereas yours truly had to train up from Brighton, and secondly because - with One Life Left's Ste Curran on a special mission - we got to be guest co-host. Amazing.

As with all the other episodes of One Life Left, you can now listen to the podcast version and download an MP3 of it on the official website. But what will you get in exchange for this ordeal?

Well, we talked about the Nintendo DSi during Ann's news section, we spoke erotically about the PSP-3000, we played some inappropriate music about paedophilia composed by somebody who used a GameBoy or something, we reviewed top new releases like FIFA 09 and Rock Band 2 (full disclosure: Simon shouts over me because he PRs the competition), and there's even an amazing international finale.

There's also more apologising than ever before, because Simon's not used to "driving the desk", and all the usual favourites like Craig "The Rage" McClelland, Derek Williams' Free Market Economy, and Talia's videogame reviews. Special thanks must also go to OLL listener Spencer Lee, who recorded the show.

Head over to One Life Left's website to listen along, or do one of those searches for it on iTunes. Enjoy.