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Lionel Messi FIFA Street pre-order bonus announced

Exclusive all-star team, Messi Barcelona venue.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA Sports has announced a Lionel Messi pre-order bonus for FIFA Street.

If you pre-order the game, out in March 2012, you get exclusive in-game access to an adidas all-star team featuring Messi and 12 "of the greatest footballers in the world".

A pre-order also nabs you exclusive access to the Lionel Messi Barcelona venue, an "environment inspired by street footballers playing in and around the Plaça de Catalunya in the historic center of Barcelona, that Messi himself helped design".

"The all-star adidas team will be a must-have for street football fans wanting to play with the most stylish and skilled team in the game," said FIFA Street lead producer Sid Misra.

"Along with the iconic environment inspired by Plaça de Catalunya, our fans will enjoy the added flavor and depth that this special pre-order offer delivers."

EA Sports recently signed Messi to a multi-year contract to promote the FIFA brand. He makes his debut on the cover of FIFA Street. Expect to see him in adverts, too.

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