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Life is Strange developer shows off first Vampyr screenshots

We're a long way from Arcadia Bay.

Dontnod, developer of Life is Strange and Remember Me, has debuted the first four screenshots of its upcoming project Vampyr.

It's safe to say it looks nothing like the studio's sunlit indie teen drama.

Vampyr will be a horror role-player set in an early 20th Century London after its population has been crippled by World War 1 and the Spanish flu.

Things aren't going too well, then, and that's before the supernatural get involved. Vampires roam the city's streets - and you play as one of them.

It's very... dark? I'm not sure what more there is to add.

The game's hook is that you can feed on anyone - although removing them from the game's world and story will have noticeable effects.

There's combat, too - with melee weapons, ranged shooting and "supernatural vampire powers".

Dontnod has Vampyr pegged for a 2017 release date on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Development is being undertaken (pun!) by a different team to Dontnod's Life is Strange crew - who we hope are busy working on a Life is Strange season two.

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