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League of Legends hits 8m concurrent players every day

But is it the biggest PC game in the world?

League of Legends hits eight million concurrent players every day, Riot has said.

That's calculated as the MOBA's average daily peak concurrent users (PCU) for all Riot (the West), Tencent (China) and Garena (Southeast Asia and Taiwan) regions during the month of August, Riot said in a blog post.

Riot said this eight million figure makes League the biggest PC game in the world, but there is some debate over whether that's accurate. Crossfire, the Counter-Strike-style game, sees over eight million peak concurrents daily, according to Smilegate's corporate website.

10.8 million concurrent players logged on to Epic's Fortnite for the in-game live Marshmello concert back in February 2019, but that figure includes players from multiple platforms, not just PC.

League of Legends has a new logo, too.

What is not in dispute is Riot's assertion that League of Legends is "even bigger than the top 10 games on Steam combined". Valve makes public the concurrent Steam user count for the platform's top 100 games. Top of the tree at the time of writing is battle royale PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, with 553,684 concurrent players.

Riot made the declaration as part of the build up to League's 10 year anniversary, set for 15th October. The company plans a livestream where it'll "share a glimpse of the future".

The news of League's enduring popularity also comes after staff walkouts over the company's handling of staff lawsuits and a studio "bro" culture labelled as systemically sexist by Kotaku's recent investigation.