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Kingdom dev's Cloud Gardens is a chill game about growing plants to beautify urban decay

Aiming for Steam early access later this year.

Kingdom: New Lands developer Noio has unveiled Cloud Gardens, a "chill game" about cultivating plants and helping nature take root across gorgeous little dioramas of urban decay.

"By planting seeds in the right places," explains the developer over on Cloud Gardens' newly launched Steam page, players are able to "create small overgrown dioramas of brutalism and beauty, salvaging and repurposing hundreds of discarded objects to create unique structures for nature to reclaim."

Noio calls its latest endeavour an "experimental project, somewhere on the line between a game and an interactive toy", and says Cloud Gardens will launch with two distinct modes. There's a relaxing, goal-free sandbox mode, enabling players to idly craft their own striking dioramas, and a campaign of sorts, ultimately set to be spread across six chapters.

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Here, the goal is to coax nature into reclaiming enough of each stage to fill the corresponding meter. However, plants require the energy created by placing more industrial objects into a scene, meaning players must strike a balance between nature and urban decay.

Cloud Gardens will initially launch as a Steam early access title, and development will focus on modifying the core game loop in response to player feedback, fixing bugs, and polishing the UI - a process Noio anticipates will take around three months. The developer says it also has a number of additional features in mind - including mod support, easy sharing of dioramas, new plant growing mechanics, and a more advanced level editor - but that their implementation will largely depend on the project's success.

There's no release date for Cloud Gardens just yet, but Noio is aiming to launch this year.

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