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Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason will be free on Xbox One at launch

A Rare gift.

Microsoft has announced Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason, a free "trial experience" of Rare's motion-sensitive sports game.

It'll be available to download from the console's 22nd November launch in Europe, North America and Australia and feature wake racing, one of the full game's six main activities.

The Kinect Sports Hub app will also go live, and allow you to track your progress against others.

Specially-branded in-game gear will be available to those who download and play Preseason in the console's first week, which will presumably carry over to the full version of Kinect Sports Rivals next spring.

Rare's next-gen Kinect Sports follow-up was originally due to launch alongside Xbox One, but was delayed until 2014 so it could get another coat of polish. The final game will include wake racing, climbing, bowling, tennis, soccer and target shooting.

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