Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason

Kinect officially dead

Well bam, there it is.

The writing has been on the wall for some time, but now Microsoft has officially rubber-stamped it: Kinect is dead.

Microsoft pledges to support Rare

New games will be announced when the time is right.

Microsoft has pledged to support UK developer Rare after a round of layoffs hit the studio and Microsoft decided to sell Xbox One without the Kinect sensor.

The future of Rare

After Kinect Sports, will the legendary UK developer finally give fans what they really want?

"I still feel a bit sad with you guys for the article you wrote about Rare being dead," Craig Duncan, the boss of the Microsoft-owned Kinect Sports developer, says at the beginning of our interview, not in an abrasive, confrontational way, but in a genuine, heartfelt way. I listen and believe it did make him sad. No doubt it saddened a few here.

Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason will be free on Xbox One at launch

Microsoft has announced Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason, a free "trial experience" of Rare's motion-sensitive sports game.

It'll be available to download from the console's 22nd November launch in Europe, North America and Australia and feature wake racing, one of the full game's six main activities.

The Kinect Sports Hub app will also go live, and allow you to track your progress against others.

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