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Kids react to Game Boy

Doesn't do too badly for a 25-year-old handheld.

What do kids today think of the Game Boy?

The latest episode of The Fine Bros' popular YouTube series Kids React asked just that question.

The kids are asked for their first impressions, then asked to pop the Tetris cartridge in and get playing. Then they're shown the magnifier accessory.

Most got the Game Boy working. Some liked it, others didn't. The older kids cut it more slack than the younger kids. One thought it was "junk". Another wondered why it couldn't detect your skin and forced you to push buttons. Most thought they'd prefer to play games on their tablets or smartphones.

Nintendo's 25 year-old portable gaming device goes down okay, overall, with one kid rightly calling it the grandfather of handhelds.

Ah, the good old Game Boy. Things are different now, of course. If it doesn't have a touchscreen and Angry Birds then it makes no sense.

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