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Kickstarter introduces new policy on use of AI in projects

Aims to prioritise "transparency, credit, and consent".

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Popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has announced a new policy on AI.

The policy will go into effect on 29th August, and has been created from discussions with creators, backers, and "other platform leaders", Kickstarter said.

Kickstarter is not banning projects which use AI from its platform, but will instead introduce new steps to ensure projects which include AI have correctly and clearly disclosed its presence.
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When submitting a project, creators will be asked to state whether AI is used and how. Creators will also need to confirm they have consent to use any works or data being fed into the AI. Submissions will be put through a "human review process" to ensure the use of AI has been properly disclosed.

A new section titled "Use of AI" will be visible on a project's page which will contain information from the creator on how AI is used and how consent has been collected.

The policy goes into effect at the end of the month, but will not be enforced retroactively. Previously submitted projects currently hosted on the platform and any submitted from now until 29th August will not be subject to the process outlined in the policy.

The policy will remain iterative due to the evolving nature of AI technology, Kickstarter said in its announcement. "We'll revisit how this policy is working and how we can strengthen it over time," it stated.

The use of AI is a topic which continues to be discussed within the games industry. In March, several developers in attendance at GDC talked about AI with excitement and concern. More recently, actors have been battling against AI-driven deepfake mods using their voices without consent.

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