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Katamari premium DLC begins

Dollar sign of things to come.

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It's only been out in the USA and Japan for a matter of days and the stupid slack useless tosser postal service hasn't delivered my import copy yet, but Namco Bandai has already released downloadable premium content for owners of Beautiful Katamari based in Asia.

The four new levels - "Milky Way Constellations", "The Weaver Girl", "Shopping Spree" and "High-calorie Katamari", according to the Major - each cost 200 Microsoft points, which is about GBP 1.70 / EUR 2.33 in old money. In other words, it's four new levels for nearly seven quid. And this is just week one. What's the Japanese for "horse armour"?

Namco Bandai has said previously that it planned to offer premium downloadable content, of course, so this shouldn't come as any surprise. We just hope that it doesn't mean the game itself is on the light side, and we'll be aiming to tell you once and for all in the near future - just as soon as our good friends at Royal Fail catch up with the backlog.

For more on Beautiful Katamari, check out our first impressions. It's out now in the US and Japan on Xbox 360. There's currently no word on a PAL release.

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