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Beautiful Katamari demo rolls onto Live

Cos-mos of you might not know.

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Atari has rolled a Beautiful Katamari demo on to Live Marketplace.

Yes, the US had it months ago, but they also had the full game from October. Ours is not due to arrive now until March, after it slipped back from February yesterday.

The good news is you can very nearly play Katamari on 360 for the very first time, and it has better graphics and more things on screen and new challenges and online support.

The bad news is it feels more like a high-definition remake than full offering in the widely celebrated series. That which made the PS2 originals so bright and refreshing has remained stagnant here, resulting in being branded as a "fairly poor Katamari game" by our editor Tom.

Still a worthwhile venture for newcomers, mind you. Pop over to our Beautiful Katamari review to find out more.

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