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February for Beautiful Katamari

But not as pretty as it sounds.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Atari has said it will be dishing Beautiful Katamari out across Europe in February.

By now you should know this is the first next-this-current-generation version of the cult PS2, er, roly-puzzle-action-collect-'em-up. So it boasts more things to collect on screen, as well as crisper, more vibrant graphics. You also get online and offline co-operative fun.

Unfortunately this doesn't add up to it being a better game than its predecessors. Not only does it offer a much smaller step forwards in the series than We Love Katamari did to the original, but it is also less creative, ambitious and fun.

However, its transition onto new hardware is still a welcome one for those fresh to its charms, and recommended to rent or pick up on the cheap.

Stuff your head into our Beautiful Katamari review to for a much more detailed picking-apart of the US version from last year.

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