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JRPG dev/pub Atlus safe and sound

Restructure "won't affect anything we do".

Update: Atlus staff have confirmed that this "manoeuvring" won't affect the company's game output.

"Don't worry, guys. This is just some corporate organisational manoeuvring and won't affect anything we do," wrote Inzaghi on the official Atlus forum.

"Atlus is not becoming a mobile games company. The original story doesn't even say that. This is purely a corporate manoeuvre so that Index, which is a mobile games company, has easier access to Atlus IPs. That's all."

Original story: Atlus - creator of Shin Megami Tensei and North American publisher of various JRPGs including Demon's Souls - has been dissolved.

Parent company Index Holdings did so in order to refocus on "profitable core areas", according to a Japanese press release translated by Gamasutra.

Apparently there's an indication that the Atlus brand will continue, but no further detail on the matter.

Index Holdings acquired Atlus in 2006.

Atlus' current flock of titles included controversial PS3 and Xbox 360 game Catherine, as well as Rock of Ages - the next game from Zeno Clash developer ACE Team.