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Japanese Deus Ex release ruined

Square Enix delays launch last minute.

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Square Enix has pulled this week's planned launch of Deus Ex: Human Revolution in Japan.

The last minute delay means Japanese gamers must now wait until October.

Why the month-long holdup? Square Enix has discovered an area in the game which contains expressions prohibited by the Japanese games ratings board, reports Andriasang.

What could the problem be? The publisher has declined to share any further details on the problem - except that the forbidden content is visual in nature and only appears once throughout the game.

Square Enix's stealth shooter launched in the UK two weeks ago to healthy sales and critical acclaim.

Tom Bramwell snuck out a 9/10 score in Eurogamer's Deus Ex: Human Revolution review.

Eurogamer plays Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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