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Jagex to hold RuneScape convention

RuneFest 2010 to hit London in August.

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Jagex has announced that it's to hold its first RuneScape fan convention in central London on Saturday 28th August 2010.

Tickets will go on sale later this month, but you can register for pre-sale tickets - which will be made available 24 hours before the main lines open to the public - at the RuneFest website.

The venue hasn't been revealed yet, but Jagex says it's "very exciting".

"Players will also be privy to an exclusive gameplay experience on-site that will be like nothing experienced before or again outside the RuneFest walls," continues the press release, mysteriously. Lead developer and Jagex co-founder Andrew Gower will be present on the day to meet fans.

"I've always wanted to go to an event like this, but I realised the only way that was going to happen was if we put it on ourselves. So we are," Gower said.

It's the first time the successful but - to date - reclusive UK developer has held a community event for its hugely popular and long-lived browser MMO. The first version of RuneScape launched back in 2001, and it has been updated twice since then, most recently as RuneScape HD in 2008.

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