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It looks like Street Fighter 6 will have crossplay, although Capcom is playing coy

Rollback netcode on the way.

Street Fighter 6 was the highlight of last week's not-E3, with playable booths at Summer Game Fest drawing the biggest crowds while the developers were on-hand to answer questions and outline specifics of the return of Capcom's beloved series. Well, they've been answering some questions, while some other areas still remain bizarrely unclear.

Crossplay has been a hope for the game since its reveal - something supported on Street Fighter 5 across PC and PlayStation, with Street Fighter 6 promising to bring Xbox players into the fold - and early reports from showgoers including fighting game YouTuber Maximillian Dood seemingly confirmed it would be included.

When pushed for clarity on the issue, however, Capcom was unwilling to confirm the matter. "In terms of crossplay we're going to have more information and more specifics to share down the line," a Capcom representative told Eurogamer at Summer Game Fest. "It's something we feel strongly about but in terms of actual specifics that will come at a later time."

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Capcom presented a similar line when it came to rollback code, suggesting it will return in an improved capacity over what was seen in Street Fighter 5, though when it comes to providing clarity things aren't so clear. "As to the specifics of rollback, we want to provide more details on that at a later time," we were told.

It's a bizarre situation with Capcom reportedly unwilling or unable to properly confirm or deny the feature (it's even more bizarre when in the same interview the company spoke about a new era of transparency after the launch troubles Street Fighter 5 suffered).

"We were able to start communicating more openly starting from season five of Street Fighter 5," director Takayuki Nakamura said. "We wanted to keep up with that momentum, to continue communicating transparently and openly and to let players know that we're here to support them and to deliver what they want." Still, you can't blame Capcom for feeling burned after the substantial leaks that Street Fighter 6 has suffered.

Street Fighter 6 itself, meanwhile, is shaping up particulary well.