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Is Ebony Warrior Skyrim's toughest baddie?

"Took me four attempts. He's like 15 Legendary Dragons in one."

In today's Dragonborn DLC (Xbox 360) came a quest only sky-high level 81 Skyrim characters could begin: Ebony Warrior.

Turns out this quest involves fighting a character named Ebony Warrior, and by all accounts, he's bastard hard. There doesn't seem to be an account of anyone besting the Ebony Warrior on their first attempt, and these are Skyrim's most hardcore players.

That's because Ebony Warrior has a shout that paralyses for 15 seconds, has an ebony shield resistant to fire, has ebony armour of health regeneration and can heal himself with spells. He also has an ebony sword of vampirism that steals 25 points of your health each time he hits, the s***.

That times 15, apparently.

The person who provided this information on the Bethesda forum, saadomar001, followed up his post to say, "This guy is the hardest guy I've ever [fought in] Skyrim so far, and I've played a lot of Skyrim."

Another poster recounted his battle and having to drain four Ultimate Healing Potions during the course of the fight.

"Ebony Warrior was very challenging for me," added JCamardo. "Took me at least three tries throwing everything I had at him, too. Kudos for Bethesda for putting this in for level-capped people."

As for a reward...

"Like everything else in Skyrim, you can smith better," Sh00byD00 revealed. "As for reward: knowing you just defeated the toughest enemy we've faced thus far in Skyrim is your proper reward.

"Took me four attempts. He's like 15 legendary dragons in one."

My Skyrim character isn't level 81. But if you are, I'd love to see a picture or a video of this so-called Ebony Warrior.

Thank you to the members of the Bethesda forum for recounting their feats.

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