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Has Capcom hidden clues about a new Mega Man game in a soundtrack booklet?

Mega tease.

Fans are speculating that a line of text in the recently released Mega Man X Legacy Collection soundtrack may be teasing a new Mega Man game.

The new Mega Man X Legacy Collection soundtracks have already shipped in Japan. Within the accompanying booklet, the final panel of the game's story summary has the single line: "The story of X's fight is not yet over."

So far, so what, right? Thing is - as fan site Rockman Corner reminds us - Capcom have priors for this kind of thing. The publisher did a similar sneaky trick when it released the 20th anniversary book, and the innocuous line "the legend is not yet complete" was later found to be confirmation of Mega Man 9.

And that's not all. As Destructoid points out, concept art slipped into the Mega Man Legacy Collection turned out to be a sneaky clue about Mega Man 11, too.

Is it definitive proof that a new Mega Man is on its way? Not even slightly. But given we've seen clues like this before, we probably shouldn't rule it out, either...

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are out on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 24th July, 2018.

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