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iPad sales up 151%, 11.8 million sold in last three months

iPhone sells 35 million over same period, up 88%

Apple's iPad sold 11.8 million units in the last three months, representing a year-on-year jump of 151 per cent.

The figure came out of Apple's latest quarterly financial report which saw the perennially successful hardware manufacturer rake in a whopping $39.2 billion in revenue and $11.6 billion in net profit between 1st January and 31st March.

That compares to revenue of $24.7 billion and net profit of $6.0 billion for the same three month period last year.

35.1 million iPhones were offloaded - an 88 per cent year-on-year rise, and four million Macs - up seven per cent.

The only black mark was iPod sales - it moved a relatively modest 7.7 million units, down 15 per cent.

"The new iPad is off to a great start, and across the year you're going to see a lot more of the kind of innovation that only Apple can deliver," commented Tim Cook.

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