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Interplay bringing Descent to WiiWare

Due out this autumn.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Interplay has announced plans to release classic PC shooter Descent on WiiWare this autumn.

"Descent remains the most popular 1080-degree 3D blasting game. Translating its 3D worlds and gameplay to WiiWare is an exciting move", said Herve Caen, CEO of Interplay.

The port will be developed by G1M2, whose founder Scott Hawkins said: "Descent will pair perfectly with the motion-sensing Wii Remote controller and we can't wait to show players how intuitive the gameplay and control can be."

Descent, not to be confused with those horror films about women who get stuck in a cave, was a shooter in which you piloted a ship around mines grappling with six degrees of freedom - i.e. the ability to move up, down, left, right, backward and forward.

This was quite challenging on the PC keyboard, although easier with two joysticks apparently (never tried that).

It's not clear how exactly the Wii controls will work from G1M2's description, but hopefully it will be a bit simpler to keep track of your orientation.

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