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Intellivision Amico boxed games go on sale, for console still without launch date

$150 for eight titles.

Boxed games for the upcoming Intellivision Amico console are now available to buy - even though the system itself is still without a release date.

A pack of four physical games costs $79.99/€79.99, or you can buy all eight games currently available as Collector's Boxed Editions for $149.99. For reference, these games are slated to cost $10 or less as digital downloads when the console arrives.

Each box contains access to a digital download of the game, as well as lenticular cards and collectible coins. Just... don't expect to be able to play them.

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The much-delayed Amico is planned as a low-spec family-friendly console with touchscreen controllers designed to encourage a return to couch co-op gameplay, but it has had a rocky road to launch.

The Amico was originally due to arrive on 10th October 2020 - a year ago yesterday. The console currently has a vague "autumn 2021" release window, while a press release sent today states the system will arrive "in the upcoming months".

While some delays are perhaps to be expected in the current climate, Amico has also faced controversy for other aspects of its business model - such as its revenue share with developers (in some cases at least, as little as 50 percent), game limitations (family friendly 2D and 2.5D games only) and low technical specs.

Intellivision boss Tommy Tallarico, who bought the brand back in 2018, has also proved a polarising figure.

Games available to buy today in Collector's Boxed Editions include: Evil Knievel, Dynablaster, Missile Command, Rigid Force, Redux Enhanced, Moon Patrol, Finnigan Fox, Biplanes, Brain Duel.

Intellivision says each copy acts as an NFT, whatever that means, and is "part of a blockchain" that makes ownership "fully transferable", which is something to consider.

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