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Insomniac's Ted Price live interview on Wednesday!

Wants to talk to YOU about Resistance 2.

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Having achieved the frankly bewildering by delivering Resistance: Fall of Man and Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction in 2006 and 2007 respectively, Insomniac Games is back to try and boss Christmas 2008 as well with Resistance 2 - so naturally we thought you'd like to talk to them about it.

Fortunately, none other than Ted Price, CEO and President of Insomniac, was available to take part in the next of our LiveText interviews. You will be able to interview him live on this website from 5pm UK time on Wednesday (6pm in Central Europe).

"At Insomniac, we're big fans of our fans," said Price, when we asked him to give us a cheesy quote for you to snack on. "So getting a chance to talk to Resistance players and answer whatever I can about Resistance 2 is something I'm really looking forward to." He probably won't mind if you ask about Ratchet, too. If you don't, we will.

In LiveText interviews, you ask the questions. You submit them to us, and we submit as many as we can to the interviewee. The answers then appear on the site as we get them back, and you don't even have to refresh the page.

And if you're wondering what to ask about, why not start by checking out the Resistance 2 teaser trailer and screenshots, which should give you a few hints as to what Nathan Hale is getting up to follow the open-ended conclusion to Fall of Man.

Of course, the game will also include a co-operative campaign that runs parallel to the main story, and online competitive multiplayer with support for up to 60 players. At PlayStation Day last month, Price said that Resistance 2 would be equally focused on "community, campaign, co-op and competitive".

Join us on Wednesday and you can probe him about all that yourselves.

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