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Inside gets PlayStation 4 release on 23rd August

Sony fans no longer in limbo.

PlayStation players had to wait a year for Limbo, the first game from talented indie studio Playdead.

This time around, with Inside, they'll only have to wait a few weeks more.

Inside will launch for PlayStation 4 on 23rd August, which is far sooner than we were expecting. The side-scrolling platform adventure arrived only a month ago as an Xbox One exclusive, although it is now also available on PC.

Cover image for YouTube videoWe've played Playdead's Inside - new Xbox One gameplay

Years in the making, Inside received critical acclaim upon its release despite tough comparisons with Playdead's much-loved Limbo. In fact, some reviewers such as Eurogamer's own Christian Donlan deemed it even better.

Inside "is a superior game in every way", Donlan wrote in our Inside review. "Its puzzles are better, its staging and its pacing is better. It has ditched a little of Limbo's lingering triteness, its smugness as its own singular nature. It's also, it must be said, pretty similar to Limbo in a lot of ways."