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Infamous idle game Cookie Clicker is getting a Steam release


Cookie Clicker, the ultimate time-wasting browser game, gets a release for Steam on 1st September.

Eight years after its first launch, Cookie Clicker will be yours to buy for $4.99 in a version which supports Steam Achievements and cloud saving - so you'll never accidentally delete your browser cookies ever again.

There's also a soundtrack by C418, the composer of Minecraft, as well as multi-language support. Otherwise, it's the same bizarre baking program you remember.

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Announcing this Steam version, developer Julien "Orteil" Thiennot noted that Cookie Clicker has continued to evolve over the years and is already far more advanced than the early browser edition many played in its heyday. Grandma would be proud.

But when I think back to the few weeks I played Cookie Clicker, I have mixed emotions. As the world burns and floods around me, was it right to leave my work PC on for a month to mine cookies over the weekend? When I eventually closed the window, was I proud of my cookie empire? And can I now import my save into Steam to continue...?

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