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Indie publisher Devolver Digital announces summer showcase

Tune in for "totally normal festivities".

Volvy Devolver Digital
Image credit: Devolver Digital

There is another date to add to your diary for next month's showcase spectacular.

On Satuday 8th June, at 1am UK time, indie publisher Devolver Digital will be hosting its summer showcase, wrapping the presentation up as a 15th birthday party for its tongue-in-cheek mascot Volvy.

The showcase - sorry, birthday party - will last for around 20 minutes, and feature updates, release dates and all-new reveals the company has called "exciting". While Devolver has not stated exactly what games are going to be shown, I am hopeful we will get another look at the delightful looking Plucky Squire, which is currently slated to release some time this year.

A little look at Volvy's 15th birthday party plans. Watch on YouTube

Last year, Devolver's Delayed Showcase included a look at Plucky Squire along with Skate Story and Anger Foot, so perhaps we'll see more of these too?

"Volvy's 15th Birthday Party is a short but sweet opportunity to gather around your loved ones and celebrate gaming's favourite mascot without anything weird happening," the team at Devolver said, before telling us all to tune in for the "totally normal festivities".

You can see a little teaser for it all in the video above.

Volvy's birthday bash is, of course, not the only showcase happening in the coming weeks (because, yes, we really are almost in June even though I am still mentally processing March).

Guerrilla will be kicking things off with its Collective Online Showcase on 6th June, followed by the Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2024 and the Summer Games Fest 2024 Opening Showcase on 7th June.

We also have the Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday 9th June, which will be followed by a direct dedicated to Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 (as it is now officially known).

For the full rundown of what's going on next month (at least in the video game world), be sure to check our handy Summer Game Fest 2024 and games conference schedule here.

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