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In Crackdown 3, restrictions apply to Theresa's Food Bank

Politick tick boom!

At a time where video game publishers are loath to admit their video games have anything to do with politics (I'm looking at you, The Division 2), one video game seems unafraid to wear its politics on its sleeve.

If you've been messing about in the over-the-top sandbox that is Crackdown 3, you might have come across the odd political reference - and one of these in particular stands out.

As spotted by UK video game journalist Jordan Oloman, Theresa's Food Bank can be found in the shantytown on the coast of the game's map. But be warned: restrictions apply.

It's a clear takedown of Theresa May and the Tory party's policies. In the UK, there's an ongoing rise in the use of food banks, which has been linked to the imposition of austerity. It's depressing to know that even in the far future, cities need food banks!

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by the Theresa May reference in Crackdown 3. Its campaign was developed by UK studio Sumo Digital, which has offices in Sheffield, Nottingham and Newcastle.

Well-played, Sumo! It's cool to see an open-world blow-em-up include a fun political reference at a time when publishers are performing mental gymnastics to get out of the debate.