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I don't beerlieve it, there's an RPG tavern management simulator

How inntriguing!

The tavern: the quintessential hub of a medieval story. The roaring fires, the frothing ale, the boisterous banter - why, a fantasy role-playing game wouldn't be the same without one. But how often have you thought about actually running one?

Imagine no longer! Introducing Crossroads Inn, an RPG and management sim in one, and nothing to do with the old British TV soap Crossroads, which no one probably remembers. It was rubbish, to be fair.

In Crossroads Inn, not only will you build your own dream tavern - oh my god oh my god - staff it, stock it and create new recipes for it, but you'll also, as the aforementioned role of quintessential hub suggests, find yourself playing host to VIP political and military figures, and become muddled in very dramatic current affairs.

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Crossroads Inn is made by a small and new Polish studio called Kraken Unleashed, which among its number counts Marcin Przybyłowicz, music director for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Project Lead Michał Gembicki has ties to CD Projekt too, having been joint-CEO of the distribution business until he left in 2016.

Crossroads Inn is in development for PC, Mac and Xbox One, intriguingly. It's due at some point next year.

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