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Hudson reels out Fishing Master

Exclusively for Wii.

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Hudson is developing a new game for Wii based around the action-packed sport of fishing.

The game will only be making a splash in the US for the time being, with any European announcements looking likely to be held off until the Leipzig Games Convention in August.

Fishing Master rather unsurprisingly lets you control your rod using the motion-sensing controls of the console - casting, baiting, hooking and, er, battling fish as you would in real life. It's described as an arcade take on the sport for armchair aficionados, which sounds really rather handy if you don't want to lick maggots or stand in a pond all day.

Initially it will be your grandfather who gives you challenges to overcome, but once you're ready you'll enter the underground world of fishing tournaments where there's bigger fish to fry. Sorry. Get bored of that and you can always try to beat three of your friends in the multiplayer mode.

"For years gamers have looked to Hudson for innovative and enjoyable videogaming experiences, and we're more than excited to say we're back with a great game like Fishing Master," said John Greiner, big fish at Hudson. "Fishing Master is sure to become an instant hit with the entire family."

Fishing Master will be on show at E3 this year, so expect more information on it next week.

Meanwhile you can head over to our Fishing Master gallery for the first shots of the game.

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