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How to beat Mimosa in Hi-Fi RUSH

Time to take to the stage.

Beating Mimosa in Hi-Fi RUSH makes you the star of the stage, but there are quite a few stages to taking down this boss. Not only does Mimosa want to be the star of the show, she wants to show Chai who's really in charge.

Mimosa has quite a few tricks up her sleeves in Hi-Fi RUSH, including one remarkable dress. It can seem like Mimosa will not be beaten, but if you learn her attack patterns and continue to counter them, she'll be defeated in no time.

Without further ado, we're going to show you how to beat Mimosa in Hi-Fi RUSH and rule the stage.

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Hi-Fi RUSH Launch Trailer.

How to beat Mimosa in Hi-Fi RUSH

Mimosa’s dress is protecting her throughout the battle, so you’ll need to continuously attack her to break the dress down. Eventually, the shielding on the dress will malfunction and this will stun Mimosa so you can get a few good attacks in. However, it’s easier said than done.

Mimosa will spend a lot of time in the air, so you’ll be heavily reliant on your grapple to pull yourself to her to then attack her in the air. In the rare moments where Mimosa is grounded, you’ll need to be fast.

Stage One

One of the first attacks Mimosa uses is that she will begin to sing and music notes will start to float around her. You have two choices here, you can parry the notes once they begin to launch at you or you can dodge out of the way.

If you choose to dodge out of the way, then make sure you are nowhere near them when they embed themselves into the ground. The notes explode after hitting the floor.

Be careful. If Mimosa looks at you while stretching her wings out and moves to you, then you need to dodge out of the way. If you don’t, then she will grab you and slap you.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Mimosa slapping Chai.
This is what happens if she catches you.

Also, when in the air, Mimosa will start forming blue light balls around both of her hands. She will fire these at you in succession in time with the beat. The easiest thing to do for now is to dodge out of the way of them.

Between airborne attacks, call in Peppermint while you use your grapple to pull yourself to Mimosa. This way, you can both attack her at the same time and inflict a fair amount of damage together.

When Mimosa comes down to the ground, then you can call in all three of your friends to attack her. While they are attacking her, use a combo attack or repeatedly use heavy attacks to significantly wear her down.

Rinse and repeat your attacks until you break the shields on the dress and Mimosa is left vulnerable on the ground. When she’s downed, throw everything you have at her quickly. You’ll then need to repeat this until you’ve taken down a third of her health.

Stage Two

After a third of her health is gone, Mimosa will turn off the lights. Don’t worry though, you’re not completely in the dark as enemies are lit with spotlights.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai is facing Mimosa who is standing in a spotlight.
Lights, Camera, Mimosa?

You can do one of two things here, you can attack the band bots that have appeared or you can look for Mimosa and focus your attacks on her. We recommend the latter as it gets you through the fight faster.

Mimosa will mostly be grounded for this section, but she will disappear when the spotlights change and reappear somewhere else on stage. When you find her, use your grapple to pull yourself to her and, while you are attacking her with quick attacks, call in all three of your friends at the same time.

After you’ve done enough damage, the lights will come back on again and you can focus all of your efforts on Mimosa. Attack her as you did in the previous stage.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Mimosa is flicking her hair.
Watch out, Mimosa is not done yet!

When you’ve done a bit more damage, Mimosa will announce something called 'Vandelay Side-Story'. The stage will change colour, Mimosa will stand in the centre near the back and two rows of bots will appear either side of the stage.

Focus your efforts on damaging Mimosa but be mindful of the bots. When they are close enough, lines will appear on the ground. This is indicating where the flames will go from their flamethrower weapons. Do not stand in or near any of these lines.

If Mimosa is hovering above or near the danger zone, then you can wait until the bots stop firing the flamethrowers or you can use your grapple to pull yourself up to Mimosa and attack her.

As before, continue to attack Mimosa to wear the dress shield down but always be aware of where the bots are.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Mimosa is stretching her shield wings.
That really is one useful dress.

Also, if you need a bit of a health boost, you can always attack the bots to collect health packs.

After you do a bit more damage, the lights will go off again. You can continue to attack Mimosa and repeat the steps from earlier in this stage until you wear her health down to its last section.

Stage Three

Once Mimosa’s health is down to the final third, you’ll have to pass a small mini-game to continue the boss battle. You’ll need to face-off with Mimosa and try to get the crowd on your side.

A small bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. Hit the prompted controls at the right time when they enter the circle on the left to keep up with the beat.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai playing guitar in Mimosa boss fight
Chai gets to rock the stage!

The bar at the top of the screen will show you if the crowd is cheering more for Chai or for Mimosa. If you keep hitting the controls at the right time, in time with the beat, then Chai will win. If not, then Mimosa will win.

Once you have enough of the crowd on side, the final section of the boss battle will continue. This time, Mimosa is faster and has a new set of attacks to keep up with.

Mimosa will soon announce the 'Equalizer Attack' which puts you into a shielded box where block bars are launched at you. Jump to dodge these bars but they will keep coming until you break the shield.

To break the shield, head towards Mimosa and to the shielded circle to the left of her within the box. Call in Peppermint and use her to break the shield around this circle. Once it’s been broken, attack the inner circle to break it

Then, while dodging the bars, head over to the other shielded circle on the right. Call in Macaron to break the shield. Once it’s broken, attack the inner circle again to destroy it.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Mimosa boss battle, Chai is strapped in a shielded box.
If you don't get the shields down, you cannot attack Mimosa.

Once both inner circles have been destroyed, the shield will drop and Mimosa will be briefly downed. Throw every attack at her, but heavy and combo attacks work best. You can also call in all three of your friends to help inflict more damage.

Once she’s back up, Mimosa will have another new attack. This one is similar to the music notes from earlier. She will sing and 'Do, Re, Mi' will appear around her. As you did with the music notes, you can parry these or dodge them.

Then, there’s yet another new attack for you to deal with. Mimosa will fly close to the ground and dash at you. You need to dodge out of the way, but do not stop after the first one. She will do about five or six attacks in succession, so keep dodging out of the way until she stops.

After this, Mimosa will launch a new variation of an earlier attack. Remember the glowing blue circles around her hands? Well, now she has four of them (circles, not hands) and they will each fire a continuous stream of thick lasers.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Mimosa using disco ball style attacks
If you parry or dodge, the main goal is to not be hit.

Do not get caught in these lasers, make sure to stay between them to dodge them or you can parry them if you time it right.

If you choose to dodge the lasers then you can use your grapple to pull yourself up to Mimosa to attack her, and you can call Peppermint in too.

Continue to attack Mimosa and parry her attacks to break her dress shields and wear her health down to nothing.

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Final Stage

When Mimosa has no health left, you have one more thing to do. You need to parry her attacks to the beat.

This part is similar to how you would parry larger enemy attacks in the other stages. Just before Mimosa attacks, you’ll be shown the timing and the beat of her attacks. All you need to do is to match this timing and parry her attacks to the beat.

After you successfully parry enough of her attacks, Mimosa will be defeated!

Hi-Fi RUSH, Mimosa fireworks
Evil plans aside, Mimosa did plan a good Firework display...
Once you beat Mimosa, you're almost there! Enjoy the rest of your journey in Hi-Fi RUSH to stop Vandelay.

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