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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 players are using elastic bands to cheat their way to credits

Rubber bandits.

It's no secret it's difficult to grind for credits in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - it's a big part of why so many players were angry at EA implementing paid loot boxes. But several crafty players have found ways to cheat the system, with one trick involving a simple rubber band.

Reddit user Lowberg threw down the gauntlet when he created a "progression droid" (a robot) to "unskillfully collect credits". The elaborate creation uses what look like lollipop sticks to press buttons and move the character around, allowing them to gain credits from a match without actually taking part and without being kicked from the game for being AFK.

Image credit Lowberg.

But fellow reddit user F0ngen proved there's actually a much simpler way to cheat your way to credits, using a couple of classic rubber bands. F0ngen showed that by attaching a rubber band around each toggle stick and securing its placement to the back of the controller, it actually does the same as Lowberg's robot by keeping the character moving and avoiding being booted as AFK.

Image credit F0ngen.

The rubber band trick is an age-old classic used in games such as Oblivion to quickly improve a character's athletics skill. In Battlefront 2, the practice quickly builds the number of credits players have to make in-game purchases with, without having to even physically compete in any matches.

Even though it's creative, the practice is skill cheating and unfair to your fellow players - so we don't recommend trying this at home.